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Monday, August 24, 2009

Karen O & The Kids "All Is Love"

"All Is Love" which is the song that Karen O recorded for Where The Wild Things Are is streaming on MySpace. It's good, I like it. Take a listen.

**Update: The overwhelming consensus is that this song sucks. Here's the deal people, it was written for a kids movie. It's not a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song and shouldn't be rated as such. It's a soundtrack. You do understand that the goal when writing a song for a movie, television, art installment, or anything of that nature is different then when writing a song for an album, right? It's meant to compliment visuals and in this case for children. It's not the same as writing a pop song for a bunch of whiny hipsters. Please tell me you already know this. I'm not defending Karen O, hell I'm not a very big YYYs fan, but the lack of common sense is disturbing.

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