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Thursday, August 06, 2009

NBA All-Stars, The Bands

First of all thanks to Sean at Buzzgrinder for leading me down this path of discovery. I mentioned on Twitter that I've really been digging the Brooklyn band Michael Jordan. So he replied to with a link to a band called Magic Johnson. Which got me thinking - how many bands are there named after NBA stars? So here is the NBA All Star team.

Point Guard: #32 Magic Johnson
Shooting Guard: #23 Michael Jordan
Small Forward: #33 Larry Bird
Power Forward: #34 Charles Barkley (Gnarls Barkley)

Center: #33 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (Cream Abdul Babar)

Guard: Julius Erving (Dr. J)
Guard: Mookie Blaylock (Pearl Jam, oringally named Mookie Blaylock)
Power Forward: Lucious Jackson (Luscious Jackson)

Who am I missing?

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