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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Video: Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster "Step Up (I'm On It)"

A long time ago I was introduced to a heavy as fuck (at the time) band called Underoath. They've since softened up quite a bit and I lost interest. Part of the reason they started to suck was they kicked out their old screamer dude, Dallas Taylor.

To keep busy Dallas started a southern rock/metal type band called Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster. I was pretty excited to hear that he had a new band when they started up...and then I listened to them. It wasn't terrible but, um, well it wasn't very good either. So I dismissed them and never bothered listening again.

Today I was on MetalSucks and they were raving about the new video so I gave it a chance. Well shiver-me-timbers! The Maylene boys got good, real fucking good. This is like straight up ass kicking southern metal, not the watered down shit I heard the first time I listened to them. So give it a spin, you might recognize the video.

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