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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Time Top 10 Greatest Guitar Players (Bullshit List)

With the passing of Les Paul Time decided to release a piece which ranked the top 10 guitar players of all time. Obviously they got the most suburban yuppie turd they could find to put this list together because it fucking sucks.

Top 10 Time

01. Jimi Hendrix (Of course, good call.)
02. Slash (#2, fuck off. Maybe 10, maybe.)
03. B.B. King (HAHAHA. Seriously? In the world of blues alone BB King isn't even top 10.)
04. Keith Richards (We love Keith, but #4. No way.)
05. Eric Clapton (Not a fan at all but Clapton could shred, should be higher)
06. Jimmy Page (Love the dudes style but not sure he belongs on this list.)
07. Chuck Berry (HIGHER! #7! Go fuck yourself Time. Dude perfected Rock N' Roll guitar.)
08. Les Paul (Look Les Paul could play and is super important to guitar but not sure he's top 10.)
09. Yngwie Malmsteen (Technically the best guitar player ever BUT fuck him. No soul, off the list.)
10. Prince (Again, HAHAHA. I know everyone loves Prince but I just don't get the guitar praise he gets.)

Now for the real questions. Eddie Van Halen?!?! Stevie Ray Vaughn? Duane Allman? Jeff Beck? Randy Rhodes? Dimebag? The Nuge? Brian May? I mean there are just so many dudes that are better then the cats on this list. I mean, fuck dude - SLASH at #2!!! That just blows my fucking mind.

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Best I ever saw was Tom Verlaine. Ability, twisted soul, he recalled when the darkness doubled.

JoeSchwartz said...

I think the list needed a little more variety in the selection. Why so many rockers? the list didn't say "greatest ROCK guitarists of all time", it it SHOULD include players from MORE genres of music...why not Pat Metheney? John McLaughlin? Chet Atkins? Johnny Cash? Muddy Waters? Lead Belly? Seriously, all these guys are just, if not more, influential to their respective genres of music, so why are they excluded? It's ridiculous...

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