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Thursday, August 06, 2009

MP3: Raccoon Fighter "Rollin' Wheel"

In my previous post I suggested you go see Raccoon Fighter tonight at Pete's Candy Store. What I didn't do is tell you anything about the band. They're from the same hometown as me, outside Philly. They moved up here less then a year ago and just started booking shows.

Their original sound was a more mellow style, think Ivy League with male and female vocals. Since moving to BK though they've increased the fun factor and have gotten more Rock N' Roll (no more lady vox either). Like I said they just started booking shows and already have gigs at Piano's and Glasslands, the latter being with The Drums and The Sundelles.

Mark my words, you heard it here first, etc: You will be a fan of this band in the very near future, so might as well start now with this track.

So here's my favorite new track, it's just a demo, from the band.

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