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Friday, September 29, 2006

Four Hour Open Bar Tonight: White Lightning

WHITE LIGHTNING! Tonight! Official opening of Home Sweet Home w/ DJ DARA


NYC’s new weekly dance party White Lightning! presents the official opening of the Lower East Side’s
newest bar Home Sweet Home. In just its first few months since it’s launch White Lightning! has brought
many acclaimed electronic DJs, artists, and producers to packed crowds including live sets from Disco D
(NYC), Lady Sovereign (UK), Drop the Lime (NYC), and the recent Ed Banger Records (FR) Showcase.
Come join us tonight for special old school DJ sets from DJ Dara (Breakbeat Science NYC), Sleazemore
(San Francisco) & Lauren Flax (NYC). Make sure to get there early for open bar Svedka Vodka from 9pm
to 12am!!

Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie St
Btw Delancey and Broome

***Update: 3 Hour open bar - sorry

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Goes Cube. The Blow, & You Say Party! We Say Die!

On Tuesday night I went to see Goes Cube at Sin-e. Also playing that night were The Blow and You Say Party! We Say Die! I had only heard a few tracks of Goes Cube and YSP! WSD! before hand so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I got to Sin-e, ordered myself a PBR, and waited for Goes Cube to take the stage.

Around 9:15 or so they started their set. The room was about half way full and people were streaming throughout the set. I was impressed by the Goes Cube sound in several ways. The first thing I noticed was that they were able to live up to what I heard on the MP3's I listened to. The other thing I noticed was the intensity - the singer, David, goes full throttle from start to finish. I was also impressed by the drummer who was quite good.

Goes Cube has an interesting sound which seems to encompass all of 90's rock. There is a definite At The Drive-In (older stuff) thing going on. But I also noticed a lot of early nineties influence going on. Remember when the Seattle bands were pissed off? You know, 88-91, before they got depressed and whiny. Well, they had some of that going on... and a little bit of Helmet too. Anyway, fuck all that - anytime that much description is needed to describe a band it's safe to say they're pretty original, yet familiar. They fucking rock, which I can't say for most bands these days.

About halfway through the set David broke out the bow and did his best Jimmy Page. The bands songs are all number, for example Goes Cube Song 34 or Goes Cube Song 32. In theory this should make it easier to keep track of the songs but in reality it's fucking confusing as hell. I don't know one song from another, at least not based on the title.

After Goes Cube there was a fairly long break. I was confused because during this time no one was setting up any equipment. Jokingly my girlfriend said there was going to be an interpretive dance group up next... she wasn't far off. The next thing I know there's a skinny little blond chick on stage addressing the crowd. Then she started to sing - she had an amazing voice. The only thing accompanying her singing were her snapping fingers, which her held high by her face.

Despite her beautiful voice I quickly got bored and was dreading another 30 minutes of nothing but snapping thumbs and vocals. Then out of nowhere came a beat - a dance beat. Then she started a semi-spastic dance and kept it up for the next half hour.

Around this time I looked up and noticed that the room was completely packed. People were really into what she was doing. Honestly, I thought it was a bit hokey but I could understand how people would dig her. The Blow has a pretty unique thing going on. In between songs she would tell these odd little stories and then jump into the next song when the beat would interrupt her.

Overall I feel like she could do damn well for herself in a more suitable environment. I could see The Blow going over very well at a party like Trash or maybe Shit Hammered. My complaint was that her voice seemed to weaken as the set went on. The drum machine was programmed a bit on the lazy side, very abrupt starts and stops. Also, the set was way too long - if she cut about 4 songs I might have a better opinion of The Blow.

After she finished the room emptied out. At first I thought everyone went outside to smoke but then when You Say Party! We Say Die! started up and no one came back in I realized they were all there for The Blow. YSP! WSD! is an interesting group and I think I've heard some DJ's spin their stuff at parties before. The two female singers have very familiar voices but I can't really give you a comparison, all I know is they sound like somebody.

The first half of the set was pretty mediocre but they really stepped it up for the second half. I was seconds away from leaving when they went into a familiar song - not sure where I heard it but I have. Anyway, it was really good and the fun songs kept coming until they finished up. I don't love this band but they are fun and have a sound that once again would go over well at Rififi.

Tuesday night was a good time and I'm really glad I went. Goes Cube is pretty awesome and I suggest you see them. The Blow is worth seeing once just because it's a pretty interesting show. So that was Tuesday at Sin-e.

Goes Cube

You Say Party! We Say Die!

The Blow


Joseph Arthur w/ Michael Stipe (video)

Live at the Bowery Ballroom 9/28

10,000+ Flickr Views

I just wanted to extend my gratitude to everyone for actually paying attention to the Brooklyn Ski Club Flickr stream. We just crossed the 10,000 view mark today, which is cool. The stream includes photo's that never made it onto Ski Club, as well as all the shots you've seen before - you might be in a few shots.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rated-X / Burning Angel DVD Release Party - Pictures

I was only at this party for about 45-minutes at the end of the night so I can't really tell you much about what went on. However, the new photographer for Brooklyn Ski Club was there all night. His name is Phil and his shots are pretty damn good. There are a few shots in the set from the after party as well. Keep an eye out for Phil when you're out.


Tonight: Goes Cube & You Say Party! We Say Die!

I just started listening to Goes Cube and I'm pretty damn impressed. I suggest you stop by Sin-e tonight at 9PM at check out Goes Cube.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Silent Years @ Piano's

I just got back from seeing the Silent Years at Piano's. A friend of mine is their manager so I felt obligated to go. Honestly, the few MP3's I had heard weren't terribly impressive but they didn't suck either. So I decided why not go check them out, maybe they're better live.

Better live does not even begin to describe what I saw. It's almost as if they're another band. On record they were a bit slow and mellow. The live performance was explosive and surprisingly rockin'. To be fair I haven't heard the whole CD so it's possible the album does reflect this. So what I'm getting at is you should see this band. If you think my opinion is biased fair enough but I'm not the only one saying this.

The only downer during the show was an ill-advised joke about terrorists shooting the Statue of Liberty. It actually had a decent premise but the horrible delivery just made it awkward and mildly disturbing. The room came to a dead silence but seemed to forgive it after the next song. Wait, is this a concert review or a comedy review?

Bowie & Gervais - Together At Last

Stereogum just posted this and it's one of the funniest things ever.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Choking Victim, Radicts, & More Reagan Youth

Today at Tompkins Square Park there was a punk show. I live less then half block away from the park so I was going back and forth all day. It's nice strolling the streets and hearing punk rock playing. It's like your own personal soundtrack. I'm not going to do a full review, since I jsut did one but I'll point out some observations.
  • Gutter punks as far as the eye can see.
  • Young punks - really, really young. I've been going to see so many old bands I forgot little kids still listen to punk rock.
  • Show was put on specifically for the squatters in the area, which is sweet.
  • The Ramoones are funny but sound half decent.
  • Disassociate kinda sucks and I don't get how they're considered a punk band.
  • The Radicts are damn good. People were loving them.
  • Choking Victim is better then everyone. I can't even describe how good they were. Easily the highlight of the show. The crowd was in a fucking frenzy from start to finish.
  • Choking Victim spoke about how much they hate cops and said things along the lines of "Fuck those pigs. I fucking hate you" to the cops that were there.
  • Choking Victim kinda talked shit on Reagan Youth. Questioned how "Degenerated" ended up in Airheads.
  • There was a kid on a bike in the pit.
  • Reagan Youth put on a good show but were better last night.
  • Reagan Youth responded to Choking Victim by basically calling them out. They obviously didn't hear what was said and made it into more then it was.
  • Before "Degenerated" they again commented by saying "This is the song I sold for 5 Million dollars".
  • The cops pulled their guns on some crusties doing illegal shit in the bathroom.
  • The organizer yelled at the crowd for ruining the chance of another show like that.
That was about it, it was really fun. I forgot how much fun outdoor punk rock shows can be.

Over 30 more pics here:
Ski Club Flickr

Reagan Youth Live 9/24:

**Bonus: Reagan Youth 1988 Tompkins Square

Agent Orange, The Freeze, & Reagan Youth at CBGBs 9/23

Last night I went to CBGB to check out Agent Orange and Reagan Youth. I actually just got back from Tompkins Square, where Reagan Youth just played but that's for another post. Anyway, I got to CB's around 8PM and there was quite a line outside. It surprised me since the show was supposed to start at 7PM. So instead of waiting I roamed the hood for awhile and came back around 9 or so.

When I got back there was still a fucking line to get in. At this point I just wanted to get inside so I waited. I got inside just as A.P.P.L.E. finished up their set. I was a bit bummed since everyone has been telling me that they are a must see. That's how shit goes sometimes I guess, too bad.

Now I was waiting for the next band but I wasn't sure who was due up next. I overheard some people in the crowd mention that Slacktone was playing next. In all honesty I had no interest in seeing them. I didn't know what they sounded like and the only thing I knew about them was that every ska kid I knew had their patches on their bags/jackets/etc. I fucking hate white boy ska so I was expecting the worst.

When they took the stage they didn't look much like ska types. Then they busted into the first song and it was straight up surf music. They sounded a lot like Dick Dale and I was really digging them. They were exceptional musicians - which I guess you have to be for surf rock. The drummer played a solo towards the end of the set that was fucking insane, easily one of the best I've ever heard. Slacktone were one of the better instrumental bands I've ever heard.

Next up on the bill was none other then Reagan Youth. The singer for the band, clearly not an original, looked much younger then the rest of the band. The guitar player, in the words of the singer, "look(ed) like a fork lift driver." I don't listen to a ton of Reagan Youth music but I do like them a lot. I was really excited to see what they could do after all these years.

When the first song started the whole place went berserk. There were mohawks bouncing up and down everywhere. Despite Reagan Youths tie to the hardcore scene the crowd was very much punks - gutter punks. Or at least as close as you can get to a gutter punk when there is a $25 cover. There were very few tough guys acting like assholes. It was a great set and included classics, "Reagan Youth" and "Degenerated." My only complaint was that the guitar was super sloppy, it sounded like he hadn't touched a guitar in 20 years - oh, right...

The next band to take the stage was The Freeze. I don't know a fucking thing about this band aside from what I learned last night. I know they're big time in the punk scene and I have heard about them but last night was the first time I ever listened to them. All I can say is, I've been fucking missing out. The Freeze were fucking incredible. The crowd was going apeshit and everyone was singing along. There were more fans on the stage then band members at several points. I highly recommend seeing these guys if you have a chance.

After the Freeze it was time for Agent Orange! When I first got into punk I listened to Agent Orange way too much. I was super excited to see them finally, after all these years. They went on very late and had a huge set list so it was clear this was going to be an all nighter. I can't remember exactly which song they started with but it was one of their surf songs. After that they went into a string of punk songs which included, "Living In Darkness."

I was on the side of the stage for the first half of the set and I could not hear the vocals at all. It was really frustrating because I had a great spot but I knew I had to give it up if I wanted to hear. I could see the set list right in front of me and I could see that "Bloodstains" wasn't too far away so I pushed my way to the front of the stage.

They played a few songs I wasn't familiar with, I assume it's their later stuff. Then came one of my favorite riffs ever and "Bloodstains" began. This is without question one of my all-time favorite songs. When I was younger I used to write the chorus on my book covers - it was my mantra back then. As soon as it started I lost it and charged into the pit. It's a rare occurrence that I end up in a pit anymore but I couldn't resist. I was screaming every word at the top of my lungs. Somebody fucked up and there was an unfortunate break before the solo, which sucks because the scream leading into the solo is the best part. However they recovered and finished out the song and it was great.

After that they played a few more including "The Last Goodbye" - which was pretty fucking fantastic. It was a great punk show last night at CBGB. I've been going to a lot of shows there lately and while this may not have been the best it was definitely the most fun. Agent Orange and The Freeze fucking destroyed the place and Reagan Youth and Slacktone were pretty fucking good as well.

Pics: Click image to enlarge.

Agent Orange

The Freeze

Reagan Youth


Punk At The Park

Reagan Youth will be playing a free show at Tompkins Square Park at 2PM today. I saw them last night and it will be worth taking a break from football to see them play. Here are the details:

Tompkins Square Park
Show starts promptly at 2:00 P.M.
Lineup is as follows:


Friday, September 22, 2006

MP3 Inbox

You know the deal by now:

Mario Is A Fucking thief

So today on Waxy was one of the most disturbing posts I've ever read. Apparently the music from Super Mario Bros. was stolen! Oh God why? Can it be true that the theme of an entire generation was all a lie? This will hurt your soul but you must go to the post and listen. You must know the truth, you can't turn a blind eye to this one. As it was stated by an acquaintance of mine, "This is like finding out you're adopted."

The Truth About Mario

In the comment section you will see that people are claiming it's a coincidence. Are you out of your fucking mind? The first part is note for fucking note. It's clearly unique enough that it would not have happened organically in two different places without influence of the other. Granted it goes in a different direction after the initial riff but come on now. Those people have to come to terms with the truth - Mario is damn dirty mushroom munching thief. It hurts so much to say that but it's true. The next thing you know we'll find out the Bible wasn't written by God!

Pictures From Shaw 3 Year

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Shaw Promotion 3 Year Anniversary

Tonight the Delancey is the place to be for the Shaw Anniversary party. It's going to be a good time because it has to be a good time considering all the people involved in it.

Sparta - "Taking Back Control" (MP3)

This just in, an MP3 for the latest Sparta single "Taking Back Control"

Snot - Live Video

With all the crap 90's nu-metal bands that came out it's sometimes hard to remember there were some good bands. Snot was the only one of the bunch that had an authentic punk vibe going on. Plus Lynn Strait was an awesome front man and very beloved in the music community. The guy died before they got huge and that put an end to Snot. They were famous for their incredible live shows and this footage proves just that.

Snot - Live

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Links For You

Here are some things you should read. I'm about to go to Borat so I probably won't get a real post up tonight.

Gerard Vs. Bear
Ruthlessly tears apart the blogosphere - it's damn funny.

Pandora Tips & Tricks
Like Pandora but hate the system drag? Fix it.

Banksy Show
Holy shit this guy is brilliant. Most art like this is gimmicky and obvious but this is just awesome.

Flipper Played; Moby Joined

Last night I trekked up to 29th street for the American Hardcore premiere after party. It sounded like a cool event - free beer and free Flipper. We got there about 9:15 or so and were immediately offered a beer upon entrance. I noticed some familiar faces from all the recent shows at CB's.

What else I noticed is how un-punk rock this event was. First of all Stereo is a trendy, plush, yuppie type of joint. On top of that there were a ton of "movie types" there and it was being sponsored by Paper Mag. Now, don't get me wrong, Paper is damn cool magazine but I don't really see how it relates to hardcore music.

Either way there was free beer and I was sucking them down at an alarming rate. At about 10:15 or 10:30 Flipper hit the stage. Despite my hardcore roots I've never been into Flipper but I've always liked what I heard. When they were introduced it was announced that a "special guest" might join them. Really, who? Henry Rollins? Ian MacKaye?

Flipper started playing and they were pretty cool. It was a bit sloppy but I hear they never practice so I guess that's expected. About halfway through the set the "special" guest joined them on stage. Their good friend...Moby. What? I'm at the American Hardcore premiere and the special guest is Moby? The techno guy?

So Moby starts telling a story how when he was a punk kid he requested a song (Update: Played with Flipper) at a Flipper show. That was pretty much it - pretty boring really. Then the band kicked off a song on which Moby played bass. He didn't sound bad but it was just kinda stupid he was there in the first place.

After the band finished the song Moby kept playing the damn bass line. The singer started yelling at him to stop - it was an attempt at staged humor. It wasn't really funny though, just annoying. While Moby was on stage someone (ok, it was me) yelled out "Internet." Everyone heard this but no one got it. It wasn't that funny I guess especially since Moby didn't hear me.

Anyway, Moby departed the stage and the band played on. When they finished the singer went on a rant about politics and all that shit. So to encourage him I yelled out "Fuck those hippies" - it was a joke and had nothing to do with what he was talking about. However, he thought I called him a hippie and he went on a rant about how they weren't hippies. Really it was more then I could have asked for humor-wise but I felt really bad.

After the set I wanted to go over to him and apologize for the misunderstanding but my friend suggested I just leave it alone. So that was the night, nothing too odd - except Moby. I will take this time to apologize to Paper for my outbursts but I was just trying to liven the place up a bit. It was a fucking punk rock show after all.

***Update: The song Moby Played was "Sex Bomb Baby." Apparently Steve Buschemi was in attendance. I also forgot to mention the pot, it smelled like a High Times convention in there.

Moby & Flipper

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