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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Greatest MySpace Profile Ever!

Yesterday at work I randomly stumbled upon the funniest MySpace profile ever - Kwame "the last soul brotha". The first thing you'll notice is the picture, which is an instant classic. As long as you have a bowtie why even bother with a shirt? What the fuck is that mark on his chest? It looks like one of his hoes threw a hot iron at him and it hit him on the chest.

You see the man is a P.I.M.P, ya heard. Look at his top 8 - you don't know quality hoes like that. His general interests include "oozin' up and roun' the crib," "quality cognac," and of course..."sponge baths." Please take a minute to meet Kwame, you won't regret it - especially if you're a Nubian princess.


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