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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tonight: Sigmund Droid, Last Nights Party, & The Rapture

There are tons of things to do tonight, here's my gameplan. I'll start out at The Annex to check out my homeboys Sigmund Droid at 8PM (open bar). Then I head uptown to Happy Valley from 9-11 for the LNP kick off party (open bar). Finally I land back downtown for The Rapture record release party (open bar, but I'll miss it).

New York City
Tuesday, Sept 12 @ Happy Valley
Zygo Open Bar


Anonymous said...

is sigmund droid playing at 8? or is someonelese opening for them?

... said...

Yeah, from what they tell me they go on at 8.

Anonymous said...

great thnx!

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