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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Choking Victim, Radicts, & More Reagan Youth

Today at Tompkins Square Park there was a punk show. I live less then half block away from the park so I was going back and forth all day. It's nice strolling the streets and hearing punk rock playing. It's like your own personal soundtrack. I'm not going to do a full review, since I jsut did one but I'll point out some observations.
  • Gutter punks as far as the eye can see.
  • Young punks - really, really young. I've been going to see so many old bands I forgot little kids still listen to punk rock.
  • Show was put on specifically for the squatters in the area, which is sweet.
  • The Ramoones are funny but sound half decent.
  • Disassociate kinda sucks and I don't get how they're considered a punk band.
  • The Radicts are damn good. People were loving them.
  • Choking Victim is better then everyone. I can't even describe how good they were. Easily the highlight of the show. The crowd was in a fucking frenzy from start to finish.
  • Choking Victim spoke about how much they hate cops and said things along the lines of "Fuck those pigs. I fucking hate you" to the cops that were there.
  • Choking Victim kinda talked shit on Reagan Youth. Questioned how "Degenerated" ended up in Airheads.
  • There was a kid on a bike in the pit.
  • Reagan Youth put on a good show but were better last night.
  • Reagan Youth responded to Choking Victim by basically calling them out. They obviously didn't hear what was said and made it into more then it was.
  • Before "Degenerated" they again commented by saying "This is the song I sold for 5 Million dollars".
  • The cops pulled their guns on some crusties doing illegal shit in the bathroom.
  • The organizer yelled at the crowd for ruining the chance of another show like that.
That was about it, it was really fun. I forgot how much fun outdoor punk rock shows can be.

Over 30 more pics here:
Ski Club Flickr

Reagan Youth Live 9/24:

**Bonus: Reagan Youth 1988 Tompkins Square

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

reagan youth bassist was asking the singer and drummer (backstage? if he was gonn aget into a fight by setting straight that guy talking shit...whether to do it onstage or offstage...he was calmed down by some dude's GF. and nothing happen.

Anyway, good show. I saw some people from CBs but missed your big head dude.


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