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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Goes Cube. The Blow, & You Say Party! We Say Die!

On Tuesday night I went to see Goes Cube at Sin-e. Also playing that night were The Blow and You Say Party! We Say Die! I had only heard a few tracks of Goes Cube and YSP! WSD! before hand so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I got to Sin-e, ordered myself a PBR, and waited for Goes Cube to take the stage.

Around 9:15 or so they started their set. The room was about half way full and people were streaming throughout the set. I was impressed by the Goes Cube sound in several ways. The first thing I noticed was that they were able to live up to what I heard on the MP3's I listened to. The other thing I noticed was the intensity - the singer, David, goes full throttle from start to finish. I was also impressed by the drummer who was quite good.

Goes Cube has an interesting sound which seems to encompass all of 90's rock. There is a definite At The Drive-In (older stuff) thing going on. But I also noticed a lot of early nineties influence going on. Remember when the Seattle bands were pissed off? You know, 88-91, before they got depressed and whiny. Well, they had some of that going on... and a little bit of Helmet too. Anyway, fuck all that - anytime that much description is needed to describe a band it's safe to say they're pretty original, yet familiar. They fucking rock, which I can't say for most bands these days.

About halfway through the set David broke out the bow and did his best Jimmy Page. The bands songs are all number, for example Goes Cube Song 34 or Goes Cube Song 32. In theory this should make it easier to keep track of the songs but in reality it's fucking confusing as hell. I don't know one song from another, at least not based on the title.

After Goes Cube there was a fairly long break. I was confused because during this time no one was setting up any equipment. Jokingly my girlfriend said there was going to be an interpretive dance group up next... she wasn't far off. The next thing I know there's a skinny little blond chick on stage addressing the crowd. Then she started to sing - she had an amazing voice. The only thing accompanying her singing were her snapping fingers, which her held high by her face.

Despite her beautiful voice I quickly got bored and was dreading another 30 minutes of nothing but snapping thumbs and vocals. Then out of nowhere came a beat - a dance beat. Then she started a semi-spastic dance and kept it up for the next half hour.

Around this time I looked up and noticed that the room was completely packed. People were really into what she was doing. Honestly, I thought it was a bit hokey but I could understand how people would dig her. The Blow has a pretty unique thing going on. In between songs she would tell these odd little stories and then jump into the next song when the beat would interrupt her.

Overall I feel like she could do damn well for herself in a more suitable environment. I could see The Blow going over very well at a party like Trash or maybe Shit Hammered. My complaint was that her voice seemed to weaken as the set went on. The drum machine was programmed a bit on the lazy side, very abrupt starts and stops. Also, the set was way too long - if she cut about 4 songs I might have a better opinion of The Blow.

After she finished the room emptied out. At first I thought everyone went outside to smoke but then when You Say Party! We Say Die! started up and no one came back in I realized they were all there for The Blow. YSP! WSD! is an interesting group and I think I've heard some DJ's spin their stuff at parties before. The two female singers have very familiar voices but I can't really give you a comparison, all I know is they sound like somebody.

The first half of the set was pretty mediocre but they really stepped it up for the second half. I was seconds away from leaving when they went into a familiar song - not sure where I heard it but I have. Anyway, it was really good and the fun songs kept coming until they finished up. I don't love this band but they are fun and have a sound that once again would go over well at Rififi.

Tuesday night was a good time and I'm really glad I went. Goes Cube is pretty awesome and I suggest you see them. The Blow is worth seeing once just because it's a pretty interesting show. So that was Tuesday at Sin-e.

Goes Cube

You Say Party! We Say Die!

The Blow


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