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Monday, September 25, 2006

Silent Years @ Piano's

I just got back from seeing the Silent Years at Piano's. A friend of mine is their manager so I felt obligated to go. Honestly, the few MP3's I had heard weren't terribly impressive but they didn't suck either. So I decided why not go check them out, maybe they're better live.

Better live does not even begin to describe what I saw. It's almost as if they're another band. On record they were a bit slow and mellow. The live performance was explosive and surprisingly rockin'. To be fair I haven't heard the whole CD so it's possible the album does reflect this. So what I'm getting at is you should see this band. If you think my opinion is biased fair enough but I'm not the only one saying this.

The only downer during the show was an ill-advised joke about terrorists shooting the Statue of Liberty. It actually had a decent premise but the horrible delivery just made it awkward and mildly disturbing. The room came to a dead silence but seemed to forgive it after the next song. Wait, is this a concert review or a comedy review?

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