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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Rififi LNP Projector Party

Last night I headed over to Rififi, like I just about every Friday. Last night however was the Last Night's Party projection party so I knew it was going to be extra crazy. I got there around 1:30, I think - I was pretty wasted already. Some NYU kids downstairs in my building had a kegger.

So anyway I get there around 1AM or so and the line is huge. There's madness at the door because everyone is trying to name drop to skip the line. Anyway, we sneak in and inside it's kinda crazy but nothing out of the ordinary. I expected a lot more over the top attire since everyone knew Bronques would be there - those kids love to show their titties.

It was a good time though and I had fun. I ended up being super wasted or at least I must have been to justify the hangover I had this morning.



Keg Party

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