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Friday, September 08, 2006

Sunday Hardcore Matinees Are Back!

As you know CBGB's brought back Sunday hardcore matinees recently. Unfortunately CBGBs will shut down in October. But have no fear - Eddie from Leeway is here to save the day.

Ladies and Gentlemen.... children of all ages;

I am proud to announce that I will be promoting Sunday matinee's at PYRAMID starting this OCTOBER (22nd or 29th).


All bands can contact me here regarding playing (until I start a myspace profile for shows and productions).

Pyramid has a solid history within the NYHC scene since it all started on Avenue A and 7th Street (in my opinion A7 was the clubhouse for all back then), and a lot of shows were done at Pyramid as well over the past 26 years....

This was a 'right of passage' bar for most of the kids who started hanging out and shit where on the weekends you would side up to the bar and buy a drink and check out the hot chicks who were dancing on the bar (not to mention the transvestites who were oh so comically entertaining).

At one point, Jimmy (Murphy's Law), Richie from Underdog, and RAYBEEZ all worked there together at the same time as bouncers in the late 80's and 90's....

I hope this can be one of the ideal clubs that has the history behind it to bring back something that is truly going to be missing once CBGBs closes down, and there is nothing like an NYHC matinee'..... it's what built this lifestyle of ours.....

I'm hoping we all can make this a BEEF-FREE and VIOLENT-FREE place to showcase the up and coming RAW TALENT that I know is out there and the place looks so much better than it used to even... I can't think of a better place to start up again and give the new kids a taste of the real... and now you can get to and from the show without worrying about getting robbed or hurt now that the 'hood has been gentrified.

Please repost and spread the gospel..... you know where to find me.....

enjoy the weekend everyone....

Eddie Leeway

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