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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Flipper Played; Moby Joined

Last night I trekked up to 29th street for the American Hardcore premiere after party. It sounded like a cool event - free beer and free Flipper. We got there about 9:15 or so and were immediately offered a beer upon entrance. I noticed some familiar faces from all the recent shows at CB's.

What else I noticed is how un-punk rock this event was. First of all Stereo is a trendy, plush, yuppie type of joint. On top of that there were a ton of "movie types" there and it was being sponsored by Paper Mag. Now, don't get me wrong, Paper is damn cool magazine but I don't really see how it relates to hardcore music.

Either way there was free beer and I was sucking them down at an alarming rate. At about 10:15 or 10:30 Flipper hit the stage. Despite my hardcore roots I've never been into Flipper but I've always liked what I heard. When they were introduced it was announced that a "special guest" might join them. Really, who? Henry Rollins? Ian MacKaye?

Flipper started playing and they were pretty cool. It was a bit sloppy but I hear they never practice so I guess that's expected. About halfway through the set the "special" guest joined them on stage. Their good friend...Moby. What? I'm at the American Hardcore premiere and the special guest is Moby? The techno guy?

So Moby starts telling a story how when he was a punk kid he requested a song (Update: Played with Flipper) at a Flipper show. That was pretty much it - pretty boring really. Then the band kicked off a song on which Moby played bass. He didn't sound bad but it was just kinda stupid he was there in the first place.

After the band finished the song Moby kept playing the damn bass line. The singer started yelling at him to stop - it was an attempt at staged humor. It wasn't really funny though, just annoying. While Moby was on stage someone (ok, it was me) yelled out "Internet." Everyone heard this but no one got it. It wasn't that funny I guess especially since Moby didn't hear me.

Anyway, Moby departed the stage and the band played on. When they finished the singer went on a rant about politics and all that shit. So to encourage him I yelled out "Fuck those hippies" - it was a joke and had nothing to do with what he was talking about. However, he thought I called him a hippie and he went on a rant about how they weren't hippies. Really it was more then I could have asked for humor-wise but I felt really bad.

After the set I wanted to go over to him and apologize for the misunderstanding but my friend suggested I just leave it alone. So that was the night, nothing too odd - except Moby. I will take this time to apologize to Paper for my outbursts but I was just trying to liven the place up a bit. It was a fucking punk rock show after all.

***Update: The song Moby Played was "Sex Bomb Baby." Apparently Steve Buschemi was in attendance. I also forgot to mention the pot, it smelled like a High Times convention in there.

Moby & Flipper


Anonymous said...

Dfactor said...

Ha! no Hippies and yet, there was tons of reefer smoke in the house? To that, I write "Hippies!"

It seems the promo company that set the party up was more used to a movie crowd, than a music crowd. Should've held the thing at Southpaw....oh wait the Bad Braind DVD party was there last night.....;-)

Anonymous said...

Too bad MOBY was the special guest.
Too bad he didn't get the INTERNET remark.
Too bad it was at Stereo.
Too bad I went to Klaxons at old scenic instead. Even James Iha (who was in attendance) didn't seem to get into them.

Taco Belle said...

Paper sponsored the event because Steve Blush, the man who wrote American Hardcore, used to write for them.

Anonymous said...

that Paper mag post mentions that Moby played with Flipper Senor Sabado.

Anonymous said...

Flipper plays sloppy - not because they haven't practiced in a while - but because flipper plays sloppy. That's their sound and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I think moby played bass for flipper for like a week.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they just finished filming the real estate seminar infomercial before Flipper took the stage. Oh, fuck, at least it's FLIPPER, live and person. "For years flipper suffered for their art- Now it's your turn."

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