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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Agent Orange, The Freeze, & Reagan Youth at CBGBs 9/23

Last night I went to CBGB to check out Agent Orange and Reagan Youth. I actually just got back from Tompkins Square, where Reagan Youth just played but that's for another post. Anyway, I got to CB's around 8PM and there was quite a line outside. It surprised me since the show was supposed to start at 7PM. So instead of waiting I roamed the hood for awhile and came back around 9 or so.

When I got back there was still a fucking line to get in. At this point I just wanted to get inside so I waited. I got inside just as A.P.P.L.E. finished up their set. I was a bit bummed since everyone has been telling me that they are a must see. That's how shit goes sometimes I guess, too bad.

Now I was waiting for the next band but I wasn't sure who was due up next. I overheard some people in the crowd mention that Slacktone was playing next. In all honesty I had no interest in seeing them. I didn't know what they sounded like and the only thing I knew about them was that every ska kid I knew had their patches on their bags/jackets/etc. I fucking hate white boy ska so I was expecting the worst.

When they took the stage they didn't look much like ska types. Then they busted into the first song and it was straight up surf music. They sounded a lot like Dick Dale and I was really digging them. They were exceptional musicians - which I guess you have to be for surf rock. The drummer played a solo towards the end of the set that was fucking insane, easily one of the best I've ever heard. Slacktone were one of the better instrumental bands I've ever heard.

Next up on the bill was none other then Reagan Youth. The singer for the band, clearly not an original, looked much younger then the rest of the band. The guitar player, in the words of the singer, "look(ed) like a fork lift driver." I don't listen to a ton of Reagan Youth music but I do like them a lot. I was really excited to see what they could do after all these years.

When the first song started the whole place went berserk. There were mohawks bouncing up and down everywhere. Despite Reagan Youths tie to the hardcore scene the crowd was very much punks - gutter punks. Or at least as close as you can get to a gutter punk when there is a $25 cover. There were very few tough guys acting like assholes. It was a great set and included classics, "Reagan Youth" and "Degenerated." My only complaint was that the guitar was super sloppy, it sounded like he hadn't touched a guitar in 20 years - oh, right...

The next band to take the stage was The Freeze. I don't know a fucking thing about this band aside from what I learned last night. I know they're big time in the punk scene and I have heard about them but last night was the first time I ever listened to them. All I can say is, I've been fucking missing out. The Freeze were fucking incredible. The crowd was going apeshit and everyone was singing along. There were more fans on the stage then band members at several points. I highly recommend seeing these guys if you have a chance.

After the Freeze it was time for Agent Orange! When I first got into punk I listened to Agent Orange way too much. I was super excited to see them finally, after all these years. They went on very late and had a huge set list so it was clear this was going to be an all nighter. I can't remember exactly which song they started with but it was one of their surf songs. After that they went into a string of punk songs which included, "Living In Darkness."

I was on the side of the stage for the first half of the set and I could not hear the vocals at all. It was really frustrating because I had a great spot but I knew I had to give it up if I wanted to hear. I could see the set list right in front of me and I could see that "Bloodstains" wasn't too far away so I pushed my way to the front of the stage.

They played a few songs I wasn't familiar with, I assume it's their later stuff. Then came one of my favorite riffs ever and "Bloodstains" began. This is without question one of my all-time favorite songs. When I was younger I used to write the chorus on my book covers - it was my mantra back then. As soon as it started I lost it and charged into the pit. It's a rare occurrence that I end up in a pit anymore but I couldn't resist. I was screaming every word at the top of my lungs. Somebody fucked up and there was an unfortunate break before the solo, which sucks because the scream leading into the solo is the best part. However they recovered and finished out the song and it was great.

After that they played a few more including "The Last Goodbye" - which was pretty fucking fantastic. It was a great punk show last night at CBGB. I've been going to a lot of shows there lately and while this may not have been the best it was definitely the most fun. Agent Orange and The Freeze fucking destroyed the place and Reagan Youth and Slacktone were pretty fucking good as well.

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Agent Orange

The Freeze

Reagan Youth


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