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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

SICKO - Michael Moore's New Masterpiece

A lot of people hate Michael Moore but the fact is he's done as much for this country with a camera as George Bush has done with the title of President. When Michael Moore makes a film people pay attention, even the people who hate him. Yesterday I watched Sicko and it blew me away.

Of all the MM films this is the one that is the most important. His other films were basically presenting common political opinions on film. Sicko on the other hand actually opens your eyes to how fucked we are. If there ever was a film to change things this be it. This is not a Democrat propaganda film. In fact it's not really about politics at all, it's about us (the people) and how we deserve better and need to stand up and fight for ourselves.

EVERYONE needs to watch this movie. I'm dead serious, it should be mandatory viewing for the entire nation. However I should warn you that you may want to move to Cuba after watching it.

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