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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mooney Suzuki Played, Duran Duran Partied (6/18)

Monday was a busy night for me. I was invited to a Mooney Suzuki release party at Canal Room. It was sponsored by GQ and Cuervo, which meant free tequila all night. They also had free Red Stripe and free magazines. We got there a little after 8PM and I was surprised by how empty the place was. Usually these things are packed, especially when the band is playing.

The people that were there made for a weird scene. It was a lot of GQ looking dudes with fancy haircuts and expensive clothes. It didn't really look like a Mooney crowd. After about and hour of tequila drinks and mini-tacos the band took the stage. NO ONE seemed to care in the least. There was at least 20 feet of empty space in front of the stage.

The crowd looked almost annoyed that they were playing. Like these greasy rock n' roll assholes were ruining there fancy little party. It was so fucking weird, very Twilight Zone. In the entire room there were only about 4 people tapping their feet to the music. The thing is Mooney was fucking on fire. They played a killer set and sounded incredible. "Electric Sweat" and "Alive And Amplified" were so fucking awesome. They were planning on closing with the latter but decided to play one more, which was a mistake in my opinion because they would have closed strong otherwise.

Either way it was a sick fucking show completely lost on the GQ pretty boys in attendance. As soon as they finished we got the fuck out of Dodge. When I was on my way to the party i got an email saying I was on the list for the Duran Duran release party, so that's where we headed after.

It was a cool little scene, when we entered we took an elevator up to some huge loft. Inside there were a couple of bars set up and most of the crowd were sipping champagne and martinis. The Duran boys were hanging out, Simon had a giant security dude shadowing him all night. The model chick with the tattoo on her head was DJing. I always thought she was hot but in person...not so much.

Anyway, the party was a lot of fun and I got completely shit hammered. People started filing out pretty early so overall it was a short night but good times were had.






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Alive & Amplified - Mooney Suzuki
Rio - Duran Duran
Girls On Film - Duran Duran

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