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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Apes & Androids @ Studio B 4/28

On Saturday night I headed over to Studio B for the latest Finger On The Pulse production. The reason I went was because the great Apes & Androids were playing a midnight set. We got there just before midnight and waited in line for about ten minutes or so.

Once we got inside I headed towards the bar were Brian from A&A was getting a drink. We briefly discussed SXSW and then he had to deal with the bartender who wouldn't accept his drink tickets. About ten or fifteen minutes later A&A were taking the stage so I headed towards the stage.

I've reviewed a ton of A&A shows and they're always awesome and the crowd is always going crazy so I'll just point out what was different this time. About halfway through the set a bunch of A&A cheerleaders cleared out a spot up front and did a funny little rock and roll cheer routine. At some point long flimsy glow sticks were also passed out to the crowd. Then they cut the lights and everyone started waving them around in the air - it looked pretty cool. At the end they inflated these huge blow up monsters on the dance floor.

Apes & Androids also played a few new tunes and also threw in a Beatles cover. They played "Hot Kathy" fairly early on, which killed me. I prefer they save that for the end - it's such a killer song to close on. But hey, variety is essential I suppose.

Overall it was a good Apes show, not spectacular, but good. However, a good A&A show is better then a great show by most bands out there. Joly from Punkcast was there video taping the show so check his site in a few days and see if he posted it.







joly said...

Good to see you there.

I'm having trouble sorting out the setlist. Maybe you can help?

hot kathy
anybody ?
(cheerleaders) ?
(dance dance revolution) ?
Tomorrow Never Knows
sarah & johnny ?
(inflatables) ?

Brian said...

hot kathy
Doyle Is Dead
Put Your Hands Up
Radio (which I totally dominated at DDR)
Tomorrow Never Knows
Johnny and Sarah
Creepy Girls

I know they played more than that, I tried recording it but it came out with terrible quality, those are the songs you posted though.

Brian Migliore said...

ok, after listening to this recording I can make out the set list to be:

Chains Are Broken

Nights Of The Week

Sweetest Secret (I need the mp3!!!)

Hot Kathy

Doyle Is Dead

Put Your Hands Up

Radio (ddr)

Tomorrow Never Knows.

Johnny and Sarah

Creepy Girls

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