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Friday, May 25, 2007

Spring Inbox Cleaning (News, MP3s, etc.)

I really need to clean up the old inbox so read below for the nifty shit I found.

  1. Some guy named Owen Duff sent me an MP3 of a track he recorded called "Act Of War" from his EP "A Tunnel, Closing In" and I'm kinda digging it.

  2. Looks like there's another video of Bulby promoting the new QOTSA album.

  3. About a week ago or so I was invited over to World's Fair for drinks and BBQ. It was a good time. The reason we were there was to check out the new Budos Band stuff.

  4. TuneCore is having a contest where one lucky band wins a van, $5,000, a Macbook w/year of internet, $500 gas card, and a case of Ramen. More details here...

  5. Bonde De Role try their hand at metal...sorta
  6. I got an email from Portia Records with a few MP3s I kinda dig. The first has a cool piano thing going on.

  7. Volcom released a summer sampler with 3 bands I've heard of but I'm not sure I've heard. I'm downloading it right now, you can do the same here...

  8. Interpol has a new track online. It sounds pretty much exactly like you would expect it to sound only the singer dude sounds slightly less like Joy Division. Here is the stream...

  9. "Swedish pop song writing sensation" Pelle Carlberg sent me a few tracks to check out and I dig it. They have a very old school '60s sound. It's good but it might be a bit dated for the kiddies, which is unfortunate because it ain't bad at all.

  10. Someone needs to tell the "Average Homeboy" Denny Blaze that his 15 minutes are up. I got an email from him and it looks like he's selling ringtones now. Check em out here...

  11. A while back I got an email about a band called Protest Hill. I think the name is a bit corny but I really dig the music. It's killer kinda grungy, kinda southern, and kinda trashy but all in a good way. In the same email I got some MP3's from Skulltime and I also dig these guys. Kinda spastic garage punky stuff with some flair.

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