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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MTA Is Absolute Shit

So tonight after a show I waited for an hour at the 3rd ave L stop. It got me to thinking and I realized that in general the trains in NYC have really gone to shit. I remember when I thought 10-15 minutes was a long wait - now I'm happy if it only takes that long. Now I know what you're thinking "it's the L of course it sucks." But the thing is it's not just the L, every train I take involves a huge wait.

The ACE, L, G, 456, 7, and J all involve waits. Obviously the time of day matters but just in general it seems like wait time has gone way up. Franky I'm fucking sick of it. The reason I pay an insane amount of money to live in this city is because it's so easy to get around...except it isn't anymore. If I lived in North Jersey it would be more convenient, at least those trains have schedules so I can do the majority of my waiting somewhere other then the train.

The whole system is totally in the gutter right now. I'm sure if I did some research I could find some bullshit excuse the leaked to the papers but that's not worth my time. I know the trains are fucked because I rely on them and they just aren't fucking reliable anymore.

I have two solutions 1) MTA - get your stupid heads out of your asses and 2) Unlimited Taxi cards. Yeah that's right, I would say fuck the damn MTA forever if they had these things. I would gladly shell out $200-$250/month for this. Now if you live in Hollis and need to get to the city then the card will only get you so far. The way I see it is for $200-$250 you get free rides up to $15, then you cover any overage in cash. See! That way the cabbies don't get screwed and we can actually get around the city.

I guess I just need to crack down and move back to Manhattan.

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