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Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Strokes Pictures -Sat. Night

Since my comp has been down I haven't been able to do a full review - and it's too late now. I am not on my computer and can't write any thing long so here are the pics. I will add some editorial to this once my PC is up and running again.

** OK - I'm finally back. Since it's been a while I won't write a review, instead I'll link to a few via Brooklyn Vegan.

Things I learned from this show:

1. Frat boys really like the Strokes
2. 14 year old girls really like the Strokes
3. Frat boys really like to make 14 year old girls cry by pointing at them and chanting "Asshole".
4. The Strokes are fucking amazing live.
5. Har Mar Superstar is really short... and fat... and bald... and ugly, but damn does he have soul.
6. You can't go wrong covering the Ramones.
7. Three song encores are excessive - one song and then leave.
8. Eagle Of Damn Metal suck giant chode... sorry it's true.
9. The singer of EoDM looks like the son of Freddie Mercury and a NJ state trooper. See below.
10. The guitar player for EoDM is Larry "Bud" Melman - see [pic].
11. Josh Homme is not in EoDM anymore (I know - old news. Sorry)
12. Famous people really like the Strokes.
13. The Strokes need to play their hometown more often.

Ths Strokes (w/HarMar)

Eagles Of Death Metal

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