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Friday, April 21, 2006

Average Homeboy AKA Blaze

All you sucka MC's best step aside because Average Homeboy AKA Blaze ain't no joke son. Where do you think Kanye got his pink shirts and sweaters from? Blaze was doin' that shit long before Kanye. No respect for the master, you better fuckin' recognize. Check it yo:

Blaze (Average Homeboy) Official Homepage

I'm A Star - Blaze
Gimme - Blaze

Yeah I just posted this shit but how often do you see this:

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Anonymous said...

D. Blaze himself, from "Average Homeboy" fame, is a personal acquaintence of mine and will be engaging in phone interview with me on 90.9 FM, WCDB, This Friday April 24, around 9:30. If you live outside of Albany NY, you can stream us easily if you have Windows media player. HTTP://WCDB.ALBANY.EDU !!! TUNE IN! and spread the word, please!! I am not pulling your leg and I promise this will be worth a listen!!
-Leon (DJ Kitchen)

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