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Sunday, April 02, 2006

No Love For Marky Ramone

I started off last night pretty early at Rockstar Bar. They were having some punk rock party that promised free beer for all. I thought "what the hell?" - it's on my block, I might as well check it out. I got there and some band had just finished their set. I went up to the bar to grab one of the freebies but there wasn't any free beer. Unless of course you were in a band, then you got free Brooklyn India Ale.

Despite the whole being in the band clause I managed to get my hands on a few freebies. I was waiting for the next band to start and I overheard that the bass player broke his E string. The other band was supposed to borrow theirs and the other band wouldn't let the guy borrow theirs. I suggested they tune the A to E and so forth but they didn't like that idea. Eventually the one band with a bass let the others borrow it.

So the show went on and I was pleasantly surprised. Whoever the hell the band was they were good. They weren't punk as the flyer suggested but heavy hardcore - which I have no problem with at all. I wish the crowd was more into it because they were played a knock-up set. Anyway, after they played the free beer ran out so I went back home to prepare for my night at Movida to see Marky Ramone.

Rockstar Bar

I got to Movida around 11:30 (I think) and headed to the dance floor to see if Marky was spinning - he wasn't. So I headed back downstairs and grabbed a beer from the bar - 8 fucking dollars for an Amstel, bastards. I grabbed a seat on the couch and chilled out for a bit and then I went back upstairs to see who was DJing - not Marky. SO I asked around and found out he wasn't going on for another hour and a half. I decided I sure as hell wasn't going to pay eight more dollars for a beer so I left.

I took this period of time to go hunt down some food. I ended up at Mexican Village across from Frat Village (Off The Wagon). I love the food at that place and the fact they're open at 1AM is a plus too. After dinner I headed back to Movida to see Marky Ramone spin. He had already started his set by the time I got there. Unfortunately no one seemed to fucking care at all. It was kinda sad really - punk rock legend spinning killer punk and motown jams and only a quarter of the dance floor was filled.

What was even more fucked up was the fact that downstairs the floor was totally packed. I'm not sure who was spinning downstairs but I'm pretty sure he wasn't in the Ramones. I'm pretty sure the fact that there was a cover and $8 beers had a lot to do with the deadness upstairs. Punks simply can't afford to pay that much - even for a former Ramone. I really think that this should have been at Rififi. It would have been the perfect set for a Saturday at Rififi.

I left shortly after I got back. I had to get out of there simply because it was kinda sad. I really felt bad for Marky and the totally bullshit response from the crowd. It was just a very awkward scene - I really got the sense that people there didn't even know who this old dude spinning old music was. So I took off and got a cheap beer at a diner and called it a night. Overall, it was a disappointment but at least I got to see a Ramone.

Marky Ramone at Movida

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Nice wig, Marky.

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