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Monday, April 10, 2006

Wolf Parade @ Webster Hall

Yesterday I was lounging about at my place when I happened to walk by my calendar and noticed some scribbling on the date. Apparently, I had tickets to see Wolf Parade and totally forgot about it. I got on the phone and started calling around to see who wanted to go but it was late and everyone was doing shit already. So I ate one of the tickets and gave it to my roommate.

We got to Webster Hall at about 9:30 after a quick Taco Bell run. I finally tried one of those things they have where it's like a Mexican pizza wrapped in a tortilla - pretty good shit. Anyway, we get inside and I ask a few people where we're at as far as the lineup was concerned. We just missed Holy Fuck - who I haven't heard yet but I wanted to see.

So the wait began... and then came Wol... no just a roadie... song just ended, people cheering it must be... a break between the house tunes. It started to get ridiculous and then finally after, at least, a half hour the band took the stage. Then the power went out on one of the amps - get on with it. I was really tired from doing nothing all day and I wasn't in the mood for this shit. After another ten minutes it finally started - for real this time.

About halfway through the first song I noticed something odd - I was terribly bored. I really thought I would love Wolf Parade live. I mean I like the album and everyone told me how amazing they were live but no... I wasn't digging it. I was up front and everyone was dancing and I felt alone in my opinion. Then I moved back about 25 feet. These people looked even more bored than I was.

The band wasn't sloppy and they were pretty active onstage. I really can't figure out why it wasn't that good. I mean it didn't suck, the other Wolf band (Wolfmother) was far worse live, but it just didn't do it for me. I was actually impressed by a few things. The singer/keyboard guy was on fire, for a guy behind keyboard stacks he was going nuts. The other dude playing the Theremin was fucking awesome. I usually think those things are tacky and unnecessary but he made it work. Oh, sorry I don't know their names - that would actually involve research.

Overall, I don't think you should go see Wolf Parade. I know they played tonight and some of you reading this were probably there but it was a waste. I will not be seeing Wolf Parade (MP3) again... unless they open for Tiger Bear Wolf (MP3).


Anonymous said...

whoa thats what too much coke & booze will do to ya huh? they were such nice young lads once...

Anonymous said...

That's good for you - more less for me and us. ;) - I like Wolf Parade (and all the other hot canadien indie bands) so much. but these guys don't give europeans the chance to get the holy shit live. ;) - Have a nice day and thanx can I read how's to have a party with wolf parade.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you're just a cynical New Yorker, and Wolf Parade has been cool for like 20 minutes already.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I wouldn't make any blanket statements, but I've got to say, they weren't as good this time around. (I saw them Friday in Boston.) HOWEVER, I saw them in October and they were completely amazing. So much energy. I was disappointed that I didn't get that feeling this time. But maybe it depends on the crowd, or maybe they're just worn out.

So they might be worth seeing again. I dunno.

Anonymous said...

even god has his off days.

Anonymous said...

dante decaro is hot.

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