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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Update: ***Denny Blaze (Average Homeboy) Radio Interview Today

He has been described by his fans as sounding like "A Nintendo and God had sex with Jay-Z and Biggie in the back of Nas's limo while 2Pac watched and jerked off" and by the haters as "a cross between Mark Walberg and Joey from Full House."

The BIG News:

Hip-hop trailblazer Denny Blaze will be interviewed today (4/28) around 9:30PM on WCDB. Don't worry if you aren't in upstate NY, the station has an internet feed. Listen or miss out on music history in the making.


I recently came across some other excellent Blaze links for all you Average Blazers out there:


Anonymous said...

hey hey, I don't know how it turned into the 27th but my radio show is this FRIDAY the 28th. 9-9:30. Listen in. Thanks so much for this post, just wanted to get the correction in.

-DJ Kitchen

Anonymous said...

D. Blaze Interview is up!! and it is... blazin!

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