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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Sigmund Droid @ Lit

Last night I attended the Sigmund Droid show at Lit. I kinda hate Lit but I really wanted to see Sigmund live so I went anyway. I got there about 15 minutes before they went on. I headed to the bar - which I thought was open. Apparently it wasn't and I ended up paying $4 for a Sparks - yikes.

Anyway, I grabbed my Sparks and headed towards the front. I was trying to figure out who was actually in the band but I wasn't really having any luck. Then I saw a guy go over to the stage and start screwing with the drums - so I introduced myself. I told him I was interested in hearing how only two guys can pull of the sound I heard on the MP3's. He assured me they sound even better live.

With that reassurance I waited for them to take the stage. The first song started with a simple little bass line and slow vocals - oh no! I have to admit I got a little worried at that point, then all of a sudden - pow right in the kisser. The band started rocking and I was immediately impressed by the skill of the bass player/singer. He had fairly elaborate pedal setup and wasn't afraid to use them.

He switched back and forth from bass that sounded like guitar to bass that sounded like bass. It was very fucking cool sounding. On top of it the guy has a pretty killer voice. The drummer kept great time and I was impressed by how tight the rhythm was.

The highlight of the show was "Liverpool Sluts", a song sung in a faux-British accent that is fucking hilarious. The only part of the show I wasn't into was "Black Girls" - based on what they said, a lot of people dislike this song for it's semi-racist lyrics. What bothered me about the song was the corny white-boy funk style to it. It is nothing at all like the rest of their tunes and shouldn't be part of the set. However, if I was in a band and had a controversial song that pissed people off then I would play it every night too.

Overall I have to say that Sigmund Droid was much better than I thought they would be. That's not to say I thought they would be bad - I just didn't think they would be able to match the recordings. Not only did they match what I heard but they far surpassed it. Sigmund Droid is a good fucking band and you need to go check them out. Will Sigmund Droid Rule NY?

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