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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Till The End Of the Day

So a few weeks ago I did a post about the Swamp Rats. I was just at Happy Ending and I'm pretty sure the DJ played Till The End Of The Day - the Swamp Rats version. It may have been the Kinks but I'm pretty sure it was the Swamp Rats. Man I hope it was, these guys are an amazing band and I think it would be very cool if people suddenly got into them.

If anyone was there and can verify my claim let me know - I'm a wee bit drunk so it could have been the Kinks, maybe even the Sonics (I think they covered it). Better yet if anyone knows the DJ ask him for me. I know this seems excessive just because a DJ played a song - but I've never even met someone who's heard of them, let alone played them.

Here's my original post about the Swamp Rats.


Anonymous said...

It is the swamprats, I have that song, not the most clear sounding, on mp3 if you would like, leave a post.

Anonymous said...

That song is by the Swamprats and I do have an mp3 of it that I really like. If you would like a copy leave a message as a reply, I would love to share that song.

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