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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

People In Planes @ Merc Lounge

First of all, I want to make it clear that I do marketing for these guys so I may be a bit biased. If you want an unbiased opinion of the show check out The Music Slut.

So I show up at the Bowery Ballroom at 8:30 on the dot. Except the Bowery is completely shut down, at this point I realize that the show is at the Merc Lounge - fuck. So I hop in a cab and rush over to the Merc trying not to miss the beginning of the set. Of course when I get there the first band hasn't even gone on yet - so I just wasted six bucks on a fucking cab. Don't even let me get started on cabs.

When I got inside I grabbed a beer and hung out at the bar while the first act played. People In Planes were at the bar drinking. When the first act got done I waited until PiP left the bar and then I headed into the stage room and got a spot up front. After a few minutes the band hopped on stage and went right into thier first song.

The entire room was packed with people - I think this was an industry crowd (label peeps, bloggers, etc.). Either way it was hard to move - which is why all my pics are from the same angle. Anyway, the band tore through the set. They were very good, I wasn't really expecting so much. The singer has a fucking ridiculus voice. You know how most bands you see the singers voice is kinda weak compared to the album? Not this kid - it was sick how good he could sing. The bass player reminded me of Angus Young for some reason - I don't know why.

The last two songs were the highlights of the set. The first of the two was their single "If You Talk Too Much...", which I really dig. They tore that shit up and then went into a song called "Barracuda". This song was by far the most dirty rock n' roll tune they played. The riffs in the song were pretty badass.

I have to say - I was pleasantly surprised by People In Planes. I work with quite a few bands but you don't really see any of them on BSC - yet you're seeing PiP, that should tell you something. I honestly think these guys have the chops to please both the indie crowds and the radio rock heads - I see big things in their future.

Oh, I have two pairs of tickets for a People In Planes acoustic set tomorrow (Thursday) in NYC. The show is at 7PM and it's for Spin. Email me if you want a set.

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