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Monday, February 13, 2006

RIP Old Friends

Yesterday E.Town Concrete confirmed the rumors that they are calling it quits. I'm pretty upset about the whole thing. They said they felt they were no longer relevant - which in fact may be true. The last couple albums weren't so hot, especially when compared to classics like Time 2 Shine and Second Coming.

Growing up in Jersey I was instantly attracted to this band, who seemed to sum up Jersey life in the 90's like no one else could. I grew up hanging out with insane hoodlums obsessed with hip hop - I was into metal and hardcore. When I first heard E.Town it was like hearing all of those influences pulled together, plus they're from Jersey so they were talking about shit I could relate to.

A lot of people don't get E.Town and think they're phony wigger bullshit. Trust me on this one, they are the real deal. I know because all of my friends were living the lyrics they were spitting. I was lucky, I came from a good family and wasn't poor. But no one around me could say the same thing - ETC spoke to them, and to me through them.

Needless to say, I'll miss the boys from North Jersey. In my opinion ETC are the only band to blend hip hop and hardcore/metal without sounding corny. Over the years I've managed to see them about 13 or 14 times. They play their last show on May 20th at The Starland Ballroom in Jersey (which I'll be attending). They'll also be playing NYC on February 19th at BB Kings.

"You can take me outta hard times but you can't take hard times outta me" - ETC

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