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Friday, February 17, 2006

Guns N' Roses Leak

I stumbled across the two leaked Axl Rose... err, I mean Guns N' Roses tracks. The first two tracks I found on Central Village - the other one I stumbled upon randomly. So the first two tracks are not so great - this is mellow GNR and I was never a big fan of that. I prefer my GNR more guns than roses... this is way fucking roses. That said, they don't suck - Axl's voice might but the songs aren't all that bad.

TWAT has supposedly been around for awhile. It sounds very much like Use Your Illusion era GNR. I think this may have been around since then or not long after those albums came out. The reason I say this is Axl's voice is way fucking stronger on this track than on the others. I really don't like this song much but at least it sounds like GNR. Honestly, I was expecting a disaster and this is far from it. Here they are kids:

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Anonymous said...

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