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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Leeway Video from CBGBs 2/24

Thanks to this dude for linking to BSC. I also wouldn't have found this amazing video from the show without him. This is the entire Leeway set from 2/24, now you can see what I was talking about. This shit is amazing.

Leeway @ CBGB - 2/24 (video)


Brigham said...

I'm thinking the sound must be right off the CBGBs boards. Dude also posted the Bad Brains set. I'd like to go on record as supporting the continued posting of entire concerts on youtube.

Thanks for the link!

... said...

Yeah thats what I was thinking. I don't see how a shitty cam mic could sound anywhere near as good as this does.

dom said...

"Born To Expire" is one of the best debut albums ever released, i bought it back in 1989. Fantastic guitar sound & production. Leeway's sound was more metal than hardcore, I'd compare them to early Iron Maiden with Paul Di Anno on vocals...street metal. In fact, Leeway had a sound & riffs that most metal bands dream of having. They also played a couple of dates in the UK in 2006, had I known I would've gone to one. Doubt they'll ever play the UK again. I saw Bad Brains with the original line up in 1989...that was a great gig & speaking of merchandise, BB had more stuff for sale at the gig than any band I've ever seen... several kinds of shirts, badges, patches, stickers, posters, hoodies. The support on the European dates was an amazing German band called Jingo De Lunch, hugely under rated, the singer was a black american girl.

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