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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Brooklyn Party Tonight

From my email box:

thnx to the finest bar-room fistslinger this side of the Mississippi
and resident get-you-drunk-machine @ cynlounge, laura a.k.a. doublefists

after a series of wildly successful house parties in the greenpoint and bushwick areas,
party captain and danger danger about to scum up the yuppie streak on the ol' bedford strip

here's the dillio:
text your song request to 917 ZXQ 1992
post your song requests on
post your song requests on the thread

if we play your request (i like your chances!) you win a free shot of Kamikaze! Maybe 2!

accepting requests all nite until either i pass out or doublefists knocks you out ;)

Cyn Lounge. 216 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211 at N. 5th St .
L: Bedford

+ fuckin splenderiffic drink specials thnx to Cyn Lounge:
$2 PBR
$3 Bud
$5 PBR/jamieson


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