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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Greenpoint Fire

This morning as I stepped out the door I realized that while the south side was bright and sunny the north side was dark. At first I thought it was some odd storm cloud rolling in. Then I got a better view and realized that those storm clouds were huge plumes of black smoke. Obviously something wasn't right but I had no idea what was up.

I continued my trip to the subway covering my face as best I could. With Williamsburg's chemical past who knows what kind of poisons were roasting away in the fire. When I finally got to work (subway stopped for five minutes at every stop) I asked if anyone knew what was going on. No one had any details on had happened.

So now it's 10:30 and I just turned on the news and saw the aerial shots. Wow! That's a huge fucking fire - 7 warehouses I think they said. I also heard "one of the biggest fires in the cities history". That's some crazy shit. Here are official details.

NY Times

So a string of river front warehouses happen to burn down in Greenpoint. I bet this has nothing to do with the condos they want to build along the river. I also bet it has nothing to do with those responsible for setting that whole deal up. This world is just chock full of crazy coincidence.

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