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Friday, May 12, 2006

New Denny Blaze (Average Homeboy) Video

I'm totally blazed!


Unknown said...

Blazin Hazin

Anonymous said...

I saw the link to the other video on glumbert and the video was a riot. Someone on yahoo said the guy has a website and actually thinks he has talent and that people are laughing at the 80s aspects of it when they are laughing at how talentless he is.

So, I thought they were joking but they were not - he DOES think he is talented! Check out his myspace page and the interview with the local news and read the articles where he is quoted.

At this point, it is almost more sad than funny. I have never seen someone so devoid of talent and so deluded into thinking otherwise - afterall, he IS the guy who made and sent that video to MTV or whomever with hope in his heart! Well, hope dies last.

His website:

His Myspace page:

Anonymous said...

Check out the blazin hazen diss song.
This dude is cold. his name is ICEE ERIK


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