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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Black Lips To Play Brooklyn

Here's what I say - fuck the YYY/Black Lip shows. I mean I'm sure they'll be good but this will be much better. The Black Lips are playing a gig in Brooklyn. If you are unfamiliar with the Black Lips then you should piss in your own mouth. Here is my review of the Black Lips show at The Merc Lounge.

Black Lips
May, 5 2006 at "place"
SW corner of norman and kingsland
greenpoint, NY

G to nassau, L to graham
with Soldiers Of Fortune

Thanks to Brooklyn Vegan for finding this


Anonymous said...

what exactley is Place?

... said...

I wish I knew - that's what it said on the Black Lips MySpace page.

Anonymous said...

They have an Oh My Rockness listing, I'm assuming it's a bar. Any guess as to age limit at the show.

Anonymous said...

any idea how to get tickets for this? i can't pass up on the opportunity to see a guy piss in his own mouth.

Anonymous said...

i've seen people do it for free.

Anonymous said...

My friend fucked the lead singer over the weekend.

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