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Sunday, May 21, 2006

E. Town Concrete's Farewell... Hatebreed Played Too.

Last night was something special for me, it was the last ever show by E. Town Concrete. The Jersey boys who I considered my favorite band from about 1998 - 2004 called it quits last night. As soon as I heard about the show a few months back I bought some tickets. However, I didn't do much planning besides that and on Saturday I still didn't know how I was getting to the show in Sayreville, NJ.

The problem was I don't have a car and my only other option was taking the train. Except the closest train is in South Amboy - about a 15 minute drive to the venue. So even if I took the train I would still need a ride to the venue. The whole week before I called all my old friends in Jersey to see if anyone was down to go but everyone had other shit going already. The day of the show I called my former college roommate, Andre, and he said he was down.

After I knew I had a ride I headed for the first train to South Amboy. I ended up pulling into town at about 6PM - right on time. Dre said he would be a little late so I figured I'd see him around 6:30 or so... or so I thought. Come 7:45 and I'm still waiting for him but by 8PM we were on our way... finally.

We got to the show and put down a couple of 22's in the parking lot. Then we headed into the Starland Ballroom just before NJ Bloodline was taking the stage. We ordered some Yuengling's ($9.45 a pop, ouch) and waited for Bloodline to start. I always dug Bloodline and I've seen them play a few times back in the day. Sadly, this was not the same band. They sounded like crap to be honest and that hurts me to say.

NJ Bloodline played a painfully long set. After they finished it was time for the big "special guest", I think it was supposed to be a surprise but everyone knew who it was. As the curtain lifted none other then Hatebreed was standing on stage. The whole place immediately went apeshit. I'm not nearly as big of a fan as I was back in the "Satisfaction" days but these bastards still put on one hell of a show.

They only played about 5-6 songs but that's all they needed. The entire time they played 75% of the floor was a pit - it was insane. I was happy they stuck to a short set, they're a huge band and they could have stole the show. But tonight was about ETC and they understood that... hell, that's why they were there. They don't really play too many small venues these days unless it's for a good reason and this was a great one.

After the brief set by Hatebreed the curtains dropped and the E.Town banner was raised. It was getting close to that time... the last time. For the record the last show marks the 15th time I've seen ETC. The funny thing is amongst E. Town fans that's actually a low number. The band has one of the most loyal fanbases I've ever witnessed. When the crowd is yelling out the names of songs only recorded on cassette demos in 1995 you know they're the real deal.

E. Town took the stage with "The End" by the Doors playing - it was awesome. As soon as they busted into the first song everyone went fucking crazy. All the Jersey tough guys started bashing each other. ETC was on point last night and played shit I've never heard live before - shit from the 1995 cassette demos. I was a bit drunk but I'm pretty sure I heard them play "Full Effect", "Ashes 2 Ashes", and "ETC" at some point. I just remember thinking "Holy shit, I can't believe they're playing this" several times throughout the set.

At one point the guy standing next to me said "Man, I hope they play Dirty Jer-Z and Heart Of The Wolves", I told him I was thinking the same thing. Literally within seconds of his comment they went into "Dirty Jer-Z" and then followed that up with "Heart Of The Wolves", that guy must have telekinetic powers. I was so excited to hear "Dirty Jer-Z" as I literally asked Ant to play it at every ETC show I've ever been to since "Second Coming" (my favorite album ever). This was only the second time I've ever heard them play it live.

Shortly after that I looked at the clock and realized it was getting late. You see, in Shitville NJ the last train to NYC leaves at 1AM, which meant I had to leave around 12:30 or so. As 12:30 approached I started to head out when I looked back at the stage and Jamie Jasta (Hatebreed) came onstage. I decided I had to stick around to hear Jaime and Ant do "Battle Lines" live. Just before that the crowd started to mellow a bit but as soon as they saw Jamie and Ant side by side they stepped it up a notch.

Then I had to leave and I know I missed a lot but Jaime and Ant doing "Battle Lines" together isn't a bad last memory to have. I would have preferred to hear "One Life 2 Live" as my last ETC song but I wasn't so lucky. Anyway, I get to the train station at 12:58 and the train is literally pulling in at the exact minute we got there. Unfortunately, I was on the wrong side of the tracks.

I jumped out of the car and ran towards the, still moving, train. As it came to a stop I had to crawl underneath of it to get to the other side - I think it was still moving at the time. Once I made it across and got to my feet I hauled ass to the front of the train, luckily the dude saw me and waited for me as I ran forward. I caught my back on the undercarriage of the train and have a nasty gash from it.

Once I got on the train I found a seat and passed out. I ended up back in NYC and headed back to Brooklyn where there was a party going on at my apartment. I walked in and was greeted by a stranger - the place was fucking trashed. I retreated to my quarters and chilled out for a minute before heading back to the party and downing some wine.

But fuck all of that shit - this is about E Town. It's a fucking shame that they're done. They were just too fucking good last night to stop now. Please leave comments and let me know what happened after "Battle Lines". Hopefully this won't be the last thing we hear from Elizabeth's finest.

Ant $
Teddy P.
Eric D.

E. Town Concrete

Ant $ and Jaime Jasta

"Battle Lines"

Someone really likes Hatebreed... and donuts.

"Do not cross tracks"... especially under a train.

My ride to the show, and only 2 hours late.
Meet Andre AKA the only Black dude at the Starland


Anonymous said...

that show was the best show i've ever been to. if your a real e-town fan it was just so emotional and fuckin insane. i was on the floor from nj bloodline (who ive never heard before and thought they had a good old fashioned hardcore sound to em) and was there until the end. poorin my heart out for the last show. the only times i left was to check on my buddies up top, one who broke his nose in the hatebreed pits and the other split his face open during e-towns first few songs. they both stayed the whole time, bleeding tremendously, watching their favorite band go out.

after battlines... fuckin awesome, they played everysong pretty much didnt stop till like 1:45. it was great. they ended with that song off made for war about giving your all and having to give up. its a good track, but i was a little upset they ended on it. suiting i guess. then they bowed. i might have shed a tear,and they were gone. despite crowd efforts, there was no encore. i then drove 6 and a half hours back to boston with my crew and stayed up for like 5 more hours after i got home cause my heart was still racing from the red bull-vodkas and the insanity which was the best show i have ever encountered.

Anonymous said...

their last song was perfect, all that you have is still not enough. brought a tear to my eye. that set was by far the greatest set iv ever witnessed by any band. i read that someone counted upwards of 30 plus songs. truely a tragedy but i left that night with life long memories

Anonymous said...

ive been to so many of their shows. ETC is what makes me deal with my day to day life and gets me by. i live for ETC!!! i was at the last 2 shows....words cannot explain my emotions.i shed a tear the last day. it was like...i didnt want to believe that this was it. i still dont believe it.THERE IS NOOOOO OTHER BAND IN THIS FUCKING ENTIRE UNIVERSE THAT EVEN REMOTELY CAN COMPARE!!!!and if you dont think the same i hope you die you fuck!!! long live ETC!! ETC ETC ETC ETC"we only got one life to live though, so might as well you ya thing now and make the best of it"

Anonymous said...

You're a moron. NJBLOODLINE killed it..

... said...

I saw Bloodline ten years ago in Asbury and they killed it there. This show however they did no kill anything.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NJHC is in my blood and has been for almost 15 years. Back in the day I was in a NJHC band called Da' Real Deal - We played Beaver College with E-Town ad Fury of V!!! I'll never forget seeing Ant. get upset cause no-one was dancing during the set. He ended up throwing the mic and walking off stage.They were brand new, and were just started to get known. Never the less, it was an all around great show, and it's sad to see them go. Look out for a band called Fading Sky to continue the NJHC tradition!!! Much Love -

Unknown said...

anyone have ant's hiphop cd that is willing to burn it for me? i will pay shipping. i live in NJ.
please help out a 2 time war veteran who just got home! ok, enough mushyness. hit me up!!! PLZE!!


Anonymous said...

"I always dug Bloodline and I've seen them play a few times back in the day. Sadly, this was not the same band. They sounded like crap to be honest and that hurts me to say. NJ Bloodline played a painfully long set. "

"I saw Bloodline ten years ago in Asbury and they killed it there. This show however they did no kill anything."

I remember you from the asbury days. the truth is we sounded just as bad then as we do now. dont glorify the casino skate park days. the only thing that HAS changed is you have your mouth so much MORE securely on etown's dick, that you cant tell the difference..

Anonymous said...

and if you dont approve my comment its because you a fucking pussy.

... said...


First of all there's no way in hell you "remember me" because I didn't live in North Jersey and the show I saw Bloodline play was literally the ONLY show I ever went to in North Jersey up until 2004. All the shows I went to back then were in Philly so I don't even know what the fuck the "casino skate park days" were.

Second ETC was a great fucking band and I have no shame saying so. Are you trying to say otherwise? Are you pissed that they had a bigger following then Bloodline? Because that ain't my fault.

Don't get me wrong I like Bloodline - hell, I was listening to Faceless the other day while I was grilling burgers. Don't take things so bad. I said Bloodline played a bad show, I never said they were a bad band. I've seen damn near every band I like play a shitty set or two - it happens, relax.

Anonymous said...

Found your post randomly while surfing for ETC stuff online. AMAZING show. they were THE band for me, not just one of my favorites. glad to come across your page and see all the other ETC fans out there show their respects

Anonymous said...

ETC is my life, my heart and my mind.
It reprezents every bone, cell and tissue in my body.
No mather how I feel, happy, sad, grief, anger... This is the only band that lives up to my emotions, all of them, I still listen to them every single day, just so I can hold on to this live you only live once...
I'm maybe just an 25years old European dude but I still can find myself in to this amazing non-alike band.
It just to sad they don't play anymore...
Misfortune turns to knowledge, knowledge turns to strength, strenght helps to move on, and that is what they helped me to do...
3 words to them:
Respect, loyalty and commitment, past, present and future, ashes to ashes
Deep inside this still is not the end of the rainbow, all we can do is hope...



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