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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rated-X Last Night

So after much deliberation I decided to head to Scenic once again. This was the third week in a row and I really didn't want to go this Saturday but it was Michael T's bday bash. There was huge hype around this weeks Rated-X and I didn't want to miss anything.

We showed up a little after 11pm and headed down stairs to hit the open bar. It was fucking packed down there and it was only 11:15. I have never seen so many heads there before midnight. We muscled our way through the crowd and posted up at the end of the bar. Then we started working on our Red Bull & vodka. Nights that start with Red Bull & vodka are always interesting - caffeine, taurine, & booze is a vicious combo.

As always nothing really changed during the open bar. We held our positions until midnight. Once the free booze dried up we started roaming around. I went upstairs and met some guy in a Devo cover band. He introduced me to a 6'4" amazon woman who is also in the band. They were both pretty cool and I promised I would check them out when I had a chance.

Things at this point start to get a little blurry. I think I was drinking PBR but I'm not sure, at some point I bought a Colt 45 forty which I nursed all night. I know at some point Michael T was onstage with his band. They were surprisingly good, their cover of Jet Boy was pretty killer. I think they should stick with the band theme, it was fun.

Upstairs there were a bunch of half-naked dudes dancing on tables. It was super gay, but this was Michael T's birthday party after all. Honestly, I wish I had some more interesting tales to tell. There was tons of scandalous shit going on but I was fucking twisted and forgot most of it.

It was very hot inside and I decided to take off my hoodie and throw it over my shoulder. Somehow, in my drunken stupor, I lost the fucking thing. That was the least of my worries - I also, at that point, realized my cell phone was missing as well. Oh the horror!

This all took place right around the same time the hot bod contest started. So instead of checking out the naked ladies I was walking around with my roommates phone staring at the floor and calling my cell. I was hoping the flashing lights would lead me to it but that never happened.

After about an hour of that my roommate gave it a go and somehow managed to find it. It was under the bar - I guess it came out of my pocket when I was reaching for cash. I still managed to see a little bit of the show. The same dude and chick that were in the finals last week re-entered. Once again they made it into the finals but were beaten by some femme boy.

Searching for the phone killed the night for me and we took off immediately after finding it. We hit the hot dog joint and then hopped on the J train. I was still hungry so we went to the Puerto Rican food place under the train. The place was packed and the food was cheap and delicious - my favorite combo. Then I went home and ate a bag of popcorn. At that pace I'll be a fat bastard in no time.

BSC's first nip shot

Sorry, China Club is uptown... nice tits though.

Michael T & co.

Man ass

Peace... right?

Tom Morello?


**Check comments for a link to the hot body contest pictures

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Sucka Pants said...

i think i was right next to you during the hot body contest. . . funny.

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