Buzzed Bands Podcast, Ep. 2 w/ Cold Blood Club

Monday, January 30, 2006

Replace Her Face

The first picture of Isabelle Dinoire have been released. Who the fuck is Isabelle Dinoire you ask? She is the worlds first successful face transplant recipient (if you exlude Nicholas Cage & John Travolta, of course). She passed out all rocked on drugs one night and her dog ate the lower part of her face off - bad dog! So they hacked off the face of some dead broad and glued it on. This is some pretty freaky shit, but I guess it's better than looking like Skeletor.


Satisfied '75 said...

holy shit man!!

Anonymous said...

Word on the street has it that the Gloved One is fixing to have his mug upgraded on the sly (well "on the sly" in his own pederast mind).

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