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Saturday, January 07, 2006

E-mail change

I'm taking advantage of Yahoo now allowing two email adresses. The new one for BSC is going to be (clever, aye?) please send all inquiries there from now on.

What to send you ask:

1. Comments & Suggestions - anything good or bad, I wanna hear.
2. Reviews - If you went somewhere last night and it was worth talking about send me a report and I might feature it.
3. Events - Know of a sick party? Well, let me know to. I'll post that shit.
4. Your band - I will gladly review any decent bands that are interested. Please send me an emial and I'll let you know where to send a demo or CD.
5. Advertising - I have no problem whoring out this site, so if you want to advertise just ask. Unless your Hanson or the latest Lindsay Lohan movie we can work out something.
6. Links - wanna exchange links? I'll probably be down if you're of a similar breed.
7. Other - Naked pictures, links, drugs, treasure maps... whatever, I'll take a look at anything that could benefit me... umm, I mean Brooklyn Ski Club.

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