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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Diamond Dave - Please Stop

Every morning I wake up to the radio. For more years than I can count I woke up to the mighty Howard Stern. Now I have no choice but to wake up to David Lee Roth. I like Dave, he seems like a good dude, a bit of a douche maybe but he's not too bad.

This fucking show though... Fuck, what the hell is the point. He just rambles on about nothing. The few times there is an actual point it's that he is a good/special person. Stop talking about how you're an EMT and you date super models - just fucking stop. I miss Howard... bad.

They should replace Dave with Jackie Martling - that would be fantastic. Anyway, here are some Howard MP3's to hold over everyone out there in the same boat as me.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

oh, how painfully right you are. Diamond Dave is painful. The reset of the people on the station aren't nearly as bad, but they're not on when I am going to work. I'd love to hear more of Penn, but 923free's "podcasting" consists of 2 minute soundbytes for everyione except for DLR. Another thing Dave does that annoys me is he will interrupt someone who is (and this doesn't happen that offen, as his guests are related to him half the time) saying something interesting...

Caller/Guest: I'm a huge Van
Halen fan, so here's a point about abc, it's is interes...

DLR: Well here's what I know about abc, the abc is always greener on the other side of the fence, my friend. Like we used to say growing up, get your abc out of the kitchen. I've seen a lot of stuff as an EMT, it's real... well, caller that's all the time we have for you, give me a beat behind me, I make these loops, you know.

My guess before he went on was that he'd be gone sometime in March, because they're going to try to make it work.

The west coast got Adam Corolla as their Stern replacement... I think I might enjoy listening to him!

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