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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Rated X - The Panty Party

I went to Scenic last night for Rated-X. It's one of the hottest parties in NYC right now so I figured I should check it out before it gets shutdown. I've heard all of the hype and frankly this wasn't what I was expecting. It was tame for the most part... although the level of slutiness was second to none.

In fairness, I left right before the big show started - the hot bod contest. I felt like shit and I had to get out of there. But my associates stuck around and gave me a report. One of them hooked up with a girl who is probably still in High School. Another managed to make-out with about 15 girls, or so I hear.

They said the famous hot bod contest was shite for the most part. They apparently lost interest shortly after it started. Anyway, the party wasn't great but it was worth coughing up $5 at the door. I will probably try it again next weekend since I wasn't in full form last night. It was the first night I've gone out in about 2 years without sucking down two Sparks... I need that shit to function.

Normally, I would have a bunch of pictures - but I don't, sorry.

Here is a very funny post about the party though.
Drunken Stepfather


J said...

uhmm, please PLEASE tell me where this party takes place, and how I can get in. also, i'm not much of a hipster, so please let me know how i can fake so i can fit in. deal lord, i HAVE to go to this thing. i will be eternally grateful if you tell me. thanks.

J said...

please, PLEASE, for the love of god, you HAVE to tell me where this party takes place, when, and how i can get in. i desperately need to go. also, i'm not much in the way of a hipster, so can you also tell me how to dress/act so that i fit in? i would very much appreciate it, and i'm being 100% serious (about the first part, and 75% serious about the second part). thanks.

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