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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Just Another Saturday Night

My original plan for tonight was to head over to Rated X at Scenic. From what I hear and the pictures I've been seeing - it's totally fucking out of control. The problem is the whole train situation. It's not a problem for me - I live fairly close to the J train and Scenic is closer to the J anyway. The problem is the people I know are all planning on staying in Williamsburg tonight because there lives revolve around the L.

I'm going to try and coax them into heading into Manhattan, but who knows. Anyway, if you're already in the city or if you're not too cheap for a cab or if you're not horrified by the J train then I highly recommend going to Scenic.
Rated X @ Scenic
25 Ave B (between 2nd & 3rd)
$5 when mentioned Shaw promotion at the door.

2 4 1 Cocktails btwn 3-4!
(all night if you check your pants @ the door!)

Hot Body Contest at 2AM!

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