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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

March 28th - Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

According to Billboard the YYYs plan to release their new album "Show Your Bones" on March 28th. The single to coincide with the album will be "Gold Lion," according to a label representative.

The last paragraph is poorly written but I think they're saying YYYs will be touring with the Blood Brothers and TV On The Radio, which is fucking awesome. I can't wait for the album and the shows that will go with it.

YYYs are one of those band's that I don't listen to nearly as often as I should. Everytime i hear them or see their name in print I feel the urge to listen to them repeatedly. They're just a really, really good band.

*Found this info in Marks feed, the pic is from his flickr account.

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Anonymous said...

this is completely unrelated, but how hot is leigh lezark from the misshapes? what is her story?

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