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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Shindig Busted!

Big fuckin surprise. Yet another Shindig was shutdown by the wonderful NYC police. It was a damn good time up until the shutdown. I got there around 10 and had to wait in line for about 10 minutes - it was fucking freezing. I throw down my $15 to the port-o-potty girl and then get my hand stamped by Officer Indie.

Once inside I headed straight for the bar and grab myself a Rockstar and vodka. Then I made my way over to the stage to check out the tunes. The first band was Young Lords (I think) and they weren't bad. They kinda reminded me of the Stones at times and Kings of Leon at others. When the band got done I started my first round of meet and greet. I also started drinking lots more.

I was getting loaded on Rockstar & vodka when I noticed the kegs were free for all. This is my favorite part of Shindig - pump your own beer. I love it - no line, no tipping... no bartender. It cuts out the middle man and makes my life that much easier. I also like the whole flashback to high school aspect of it. I miss keg parties and I wish there were more of them - if you hear of one let me know.

Anyway, The Go Station was next up and they weren't too shabby. I don't think they deserve the buzz I've been hearing but I enjoyed the show. After that was Aberdeen City, who are supposed to excellent live. To be honest I wasn't feeling it. Maybe it's because I was feeling the booze and I wanted to hear something more rock n' roll. They were just a little too mellow for the mood I was in.

Things got a bit hazy towards the end of the set. I started wondering around and talking to everyone and I'm not sure exactly what went down. All I know is that Officer Indie jumped on stage and told everyone the cops were shutting the joint down. What? Fuck you... I want my Mooney Suzuki, goddamnit. He insisted everyone leave so I ate my 15 Mooney bucks and headed out the door.

When I got outside there wasn't one friggin cop in site. The guy at the door told me they came by told everyone to leave and then left. Yeah, that happens. Here's my theory: either they never had Mooney Suzuki or Mooney bailed the last second. Instead of being honest and telling everyone Mooney wouldn't show they instead chose to fake a raid.

Of course my theory is entirely speculation. I have no idea what actually happened, but I was pretty fucking pissed about the situation. Everyone was saying the party was moving to Black & White, but I just went home. Here are a few shots I took, Bronques was there doing his thing so check LNP for more. There's a picture of me on LNP making some cheesy face - because I don't know how to smile for pictures.

Florida and Officer Indie

Wow! My fake ID worked this time... awesome!

I hope no one sees me pour my own beer.

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Anonymous said...

The cops were there. They showed up around 11pm, while I was waiting in line. They told everyone to leave, that it was over, but I told the guy working the door that my girlfriend was inside and I needed to get her, and he actually let me in. I'm surprised that the cops let it go on for the half hour before they told everyone to go home. That's sort of suspicious...

... said...

I don't know exactly what happened but something was fishy. My bullshit detector was picking up huge disturbances in the force.

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