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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Money For Nothing - Tags Aren't Free

In the same spirit of the Million Dollar Homepage, who I won't link to out of spite, comes Essentially you can buy your tag(s) for a varied fee based on type and font size (weight). The reason this is tempting is because this site is viral as hell (I'm writing about it - so are others) and the limit of 1000 will send people scrambling to purchase.

Like Million Dollar Homepage this will work - but only once. Others will try to mimic this but will fail to produce as much revenue as the original. There are ways to actually reproduce this on a smaller scale, which TechCrunch explains.

The point of this is post is this - for damn near no effort these 1000tags guys are going to make more money in the next year then you will in the next 15. The kicker is it's something anyone could have thought of and executed... at least that's what we all tell ourselves.

**Sorry to all the non-nerds out there about this post.

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