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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

16 Year Old Dimebag Darrell

I just randomly stumbled upon this video about 2 minutes ago. It's Dimebag Darrell from Pantera when he was 16. Whether you like metal or not you have to watch this clip. It's goddamn ridiculous - keep in mind he's only 16. Most people who have been playing guitar for twenty years can't even come close to this shit a 16 year old kid is playing.

I heard stories that when he was a kid he used to enter guitar contests. Apparently he never even came close to losing. In fact I heard he got banned from the competition's because it was unfair. I always thought that was just exaggerated bullshit but now I believe. Sixteen for fuck's sake, how?

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Anonymous said...

Let me guess, you're 16 yrs. old

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