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Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Star Is Born

Last night I headed to Happy Ending for Steve Aoki's party. My roommate was one of the people who came with me and the only reason he did was for the free Sparks. Unfortunately, when we got there the Sparks was pretty much dried out. Cutie, my roommate, has NO money because his job has been fucking him out of days lately. No Sparks meant no drinking for Cutie, which is blasphemous. So I made him a deal - if he went around taking pictures I would supply him with PBR all night.

He made a few rounds and came back to show me what he had. It was some pretty good shit, I have to say. The funny thing is, Cutie is legally blind - he can see, but not in color and he isn't legally allowed to drive. From the looks of these pictures sight isn't very important for photography. The Cobrasnake was at the party and I could see him shaking in fear of the new blind warrior on the scene. Anyway, I've made Cutie the official photographer for Brooklyn Ski Club - pose for him tonight at Scenic.

Back to the party - this thing wasn't nearly the party I was expecting. I mean Dim Mak is a pretty bad ass label so you figure there would be models and rockstars everywhere but that wasn't really the case. The music was so-so, I noticed a lot of the same songs were played throughout the course of the night. And you know what didn't get played? Gang of Four (MP3)- that's right not a single song, that's unheard of now-a-days.

As always, the place really started to fill up as the night went on. Everyone was dancing and having a good time but it was pretty tame overall. It was fun but not like naked-screaming-shot slamming fun. Maybe once Cutie is a Bronques-esque figure he'll be able to get people all naked and crazy. Here is the work of Cutie:

Steve Aoki (actually, I took this one)

Cutie's start here:
This is my favorite - very artsy

Cutie's accidental self portrait:
"How do I use this thing? (flash) Oh, Ok."

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