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Friday, January 20, 2006

A Drunken Recap

I managed to get to the Brooklyn Brewery right on time. The open bar started at 8pm and I was there at about that time. Despite my timeliness I was rudely awoken by a 200 person line. Ok - maybe it wasn't 200 but it was close. I was with 3 other people and two of the 8 hands weren't drinking. We worked out a plan where one would stand in line and then we would sneak in towards the front.

I know that this sounds scumbag and all but if you saw this line you would have done the same thing. People were double-fisting and then going straight to the end of the line. Why? Because when they got back to the front they would need more beer. It actually worked well, unless you were planning on drinking and being social - then you were fucked.

Right around 10 or so some dude got on the loud speaker and told everyone to piss off. What bullshit, how does a fucking brewery run out of beer? I think it was the same dude at the door. If you met him you would know that he isn't funny at all. Yet, he tries his best to be the next Carrot Top - yeah that's how bad he was. I left when the announcement was made - others were more reluctant.

I did have the pleasure of tasting Smoked Porter by Brooklyn Brewery. Wow! So damn delicious. Here's what it tastes like - now stay with me. It tastes like coffee with barbecue sauce. Yes, you heard it right. It was absolutely delicious. A smoked coffee taste - so damn good. Trust me and try it, well worth the risk.

If you enjoy standing in line then this was the party for you.

Here are some pics from the night:

Not People Hanging Out: A Line For Beer

This Guy: Always Wasted, Funny Bastard.
Mmmmm.... Smoked Porter

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