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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Need Design Help

I'm working on getting tons of Brooklyn Sk Club stickers made but I need a person with design skills. Here's my idea for the logo: two ski's crossed in the shape of an X, then have BKSC in it. Like the NYHC logo, only ski-ier. Something like this:But without the circle around it and with Ski's - get it. It needs to be simple, the ski's should be outlines. The simplicity is due to the fact that it cost more money to get fancy. So keep it simple but not retarded simple. It still needs to look pretty. I want to try and keep the colors to no more than 3 or so.

While I'm at i need a clever slogan so if you think of anything let me know. And finally the banner I made SUCKS so if you wanna try and improve upon it, be my guest.

Thanks to everyone that is willing to help. I'll get you into some parties or something for the assist.

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