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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Suicidal Video Collection Added

I know I just posted about Suicidal Tendencies but there has been some worthwhile news in the last couple days. Suicidal Tendencies have added a bunch of old videos to their MySpace page. I just got the bulletin about an hour ago so this is fresh news. The videos are in the blog section but I'll just link to them directly.

Institutionalized (You loved this song in High School)
How Will I Laugh Tomorrow (One of my favorites)
I Saw Your Mommy (Live- 1984)
Trip at The Brain & You Can't Bring Me Down
Possessed To Skate

The last three were posted awhile ago but the first 3 are fresh on the page. Damn I love this shit, I feel like skating and smashing bottles right now - just like the old days.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great blog, man. Found you through cocaine corner--you two should collaborate, since both sites really make me want to go out and party when I read them.

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